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The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for student enrollment, registration, course selection, academic records management, teaching and learning development, application for academic-related certificates, academic services, etc.

Directly under the Office of Academic Affairs, there are Admission Section, Registration Section, Course Services Section, Center for Teaching and Learning Development and Information Services Section.                                 

Admission Section: to manage entrance examination and application, high school promotion activities.

Registration Section: to manage students' information, registration, academic grades, issue student IDs, diplomas and transcripts.

Course Services Section: to manage course scheduling and selecting, manage credits waiver and transfer.

Center for Teaching and Learning Development: to provide training to improve teaching ability, provide online learning, and execute the Higher Education SPROUT Project.

Information Services Section: Developing for the Registering/Applying Systems for admission & NCNU Coursemap.

Organization Chart


Organization Chart


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